universalvibrance website is the cornerstone of trendy topics to bring people and social peeps together in one community.  The main reason I created this bloggie-website is to share the simplicity of life – making it full of fun, love, peace, laughter, generosity, kindness, patience, forgiveness, motivation, and just being ourselves.
This bloggie-website is a for a good cause to fulfill my project in reaching out less fortunate people in jails, leprosarium, mental hospitals, rural areas orphanages, and unemployed barrio people in my country.  When I left my country (Philippines) in 1995, I envisioned to go back to the Philippines by first influencing them how to love, forgive, understand, and dream with actions.  I dreamed about providing them decent beds, shelters, live foods, and clothing.
With your visit in my website and Vegan Rock & Raw  in Facebook, and my youtube channel, or product reviews channel, you’re helping me raise funds for the benefit of these less fortunate people in the Philippines and my other future funding projects.