Mindset = Longetivity

Our physical body is made of matter in the form of solid mass in which is an element on earth.  Energy is the ability to do work or bring about a change. In order to make things work right, human cells need a constant supply of energy – physical in the form of foods and nutrients,as well as mental in the form of relaxation and balanced mental state of mind.  Both physical and mental states are the major component to build a joyful and healthy living which we call BALANCED LIFE.

The bad or good energy that we radiate from our physical bodies and emotions is the sign of not having or having a BALANCED LIFE.  Food plus Mindset is equals to Universal Vibrance which means, we are living an extremely healthy lifestyle without fear, hurt, pain, suffering, procrastination, frustration, jealousy, insecurities, anger, revenge, grudges, dishonesty, lies, deceits, stealing, self-pity. hopelessness, poverty, and so on.

If we only set our minds that anything is BEAUTIFUL, POSSIBLE, and ACHIEVABLE whatever we want to do and get, the Law of Attraction will follow what your set in your mind.

Much love and cares,Tess T. Fernando