Fitness Tips

Worries, stress, and fears only makes you fat or gain weight because you tend to eat more carbohydrates/sweets, or drink more alcohol.  Peer pressure, trend pressure, or social pressure, excretes more cortisol which creates more fats in your belly.  What I do not worry to keep myself in great shape without any pressure:

1.  I don’t worry anymore if one or two days, my belly is a bit bulgy, or if my belly is not 6-pack during that week because I gotta do what I gotta do to run a wealthy lifestyle in years to come.

2. The less I spend at the gym, the more, my pocket loads more money, and the more I can spend time with my love ones whom I have neglected and taken for granted for many years.

3.  The less I spend time at the gym, the more I achieve my tight deadlines, the more I enjoy things around me, and the more I can read great articles and books I wanna read.

4.  The less I spend at the gym, the more I am building my natural physique and toned muscles because I also sprint run for 20 minutes at the seawall.

5.  Muscle contraction while working out is the key secrets to build biceps and triceps.

6.  High intensity interval workout is the key to have a very toned physique, glutes, and thighs as well as flexible backbone, strong back and shoulders.  It is also a great way to build a healthy cardio.

7.  I’m not a yoga person, but I do my home yoga exercises in my yoga mat.

8. With regards to unavoidable circumstances that I need to work very long hours in my home office, like for example, finishing this back up wordpress website, I eat as often as I can but only fruits, soya, veggies, eggs, seeds, and quinoa rice.  I also allow myself to eat oats, bread, seafoods, eggs benedict, and meat to have fun with my friends, and daughters.  I’ll tell you why in this section why I am allowing myself to have fun, and not be solid 100% vegan in year round.   Visit Self-Help Resource

This is an exemption to those who are competing in any fitness competition.