I’ve been very health conscious since summer 2010.

Food preparation takes a lot of time.  Living in the city core and having a busy life is a call for an always “express meal.”  Therefore, I am showing you some examples that I eat on a daily basis which don’t require too much food prep as I simply eat them raw, except deep sea wild caught or deep sea Artic seafoods, meat, eggs, and foods that are hard to digest (These, I need to cook). For simple removal of body toxins, just drink water with drops of certified organic apple cider vinegar or drops of certified organic pure aloe vera juice.  This is a form of daily purging/detox and anti-aging because it will clear out your skin, and will make your skin supple and soft.

During the weekends, and on some occasions, I go to a coffee shop to please myself with good latte and vegan chocolate cookie, as well as regular healthy restaurant meal with olive oil instead of butter in it.

I also use recycled wine bottles to store my milk in the fridge.

I just turned 49, so far, I haven’t yet have populate my hair with white or gray hair, and that is because I simply eat raw, and a little bit of regular foods because life is full of fun.  I’ve never had a flu, only light skin allergy and cough allergy due to the flying pollens last Fall, and that was it!

It’s the energy that you vibrate to yourself, to the surroundings around you, and to the people surrounding you.  That’s the real meaning of aging slow and longetivity.  Food for the soul, and food for the spirit!

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