Shopping Tips

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Fashion is an all-year-round, even shoes.  I keep all my nice dresses, tops, and shoes for years before I decide to give them away because fashion is an all-year-round, or comes back again.

Shop at the Dollar Stores for office supplies, rugs, and some safe kitchen items or home decors.


It is always best to watch certified organic or legitimate groceries by collecting coupons, checking out the weekly flyers, and checking out the nearby local farmers market.  

It is always best to shop your food in bulk and cook or food prep them good for one week; freeze the second week’s batch in the freezer or store them in an air tight plastic containers to prevent from oxidizing.  This is the best tip to save you lots of time, effort, and a bit of money.

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Here are the basic tips:

Check where the food came from. If the fruits or greens come from Peru, or Ecuador, they are pesticides-free because these countries grow their edible plants in very rich organic soil, and they have very minimal pollution in the world.

For locals, check out first where the air pressure is ending up at the end of the day.  Air is very much polluted from the city full of vehicles and factories.  Where it stops at the end of the day, are where those edible plants absorb the toxic, no offense to those farmers.

Check out the legitimate stickers or labels of those claiming to be certified organic, non-GMO, and/or Kosher certified.

Of course, a very well-washed and drained edible foods keep us away from getting sick.


Watch for clearance sale during year end or ask the sales manager when they do the clearance sale so that you can get the best deal ever if you want a leather sofa or a beautiful queen size bed, whatever you wanna buy for your house or suite.

Two weeks before the summer, fall, or winter ends, big stores do a clearance sale.  This is the best time to shop.