Budget Tips

MONEY IS NOT THE ROOT OF EVIL.  We need to have lots of money to save money for our old age, to enjoy getaways, to enjoy a healthy lifestyle, and to share the spare for a good cause.  Economic living is getting very expensive these days due to the effects of global warming, wars, riots, shortage of water, and the crisis going on in United States which affects the stock market, and European currencies.

This information is only relevant to those who are trying to stretch their monthly income and to those who have a game plan to buy something they really dream about buying or investing.

The most practical fun, frugal, healthy, relaxing, and meditating way to have fun is to hike, bike, run, walk, either by yourself, with your family or friends, or with a group.  Obviously, this year, it is such a huge trend to do these outdoor activities.

One very good example, is to make home brunch and eat in your balcony by yourself or with your family or friends in one sunny weekend.  I hate serving and cooking foods so I always tell my family or friends that it’s gonna be a buffet style, meaning, “a help yourselves brunch.”  I will serve the express dishes for example, poach or scramble eggs with toast and gourmet salad on the side plus coffee, tea, and water sprinkled with fresh lemon.  Then, it’s up to them to get their own plates, etc.


In a week, separate cash for your outside coffee chill out instead of using your credit card or debit card which will only tempt you to overspend. Distribute each budget allocation in each envelope with labels i.e. coffee budget $4.00 x 4 buys/week, drinks / brunches / dinners budget $15 – 35 x 2 times/week, hiking or outdoors $20 – 50 / week, etc. Make this a habit, and if you feel like spending more than  your budget allocation, stop and think for a moment that you’re doing this frugal budgeting to buy a car, a house, a plane ticket for a big trip, or something that you really, really want to do and buy.

With regards to grocery shopping, as you can see the picture in your right, I bought all of those for only less than $20 at a local farmers market. Not all of them were organic – pomelo, avocado, and banana don’t need to be always organic.  Fruits coming from Mexco, Ecuador, or Peru don’t need to be organic. These three countries have natural rich soil.