Healing/Meditation Music

Generic inheritance serves as a basis for behavior (for both animals and humans), environmental influences (nurture), also affect behavior.  Behaviorists originally believed that some behaviors were fixed action patterns (FAP) drawn by sign of stimulus. They found that many behaviors or FAPs improve with practice i.e. by learning. Learning is defined as a durable change in behavior brought about by experience, good influence, and self-taught.

On July 22nd, 2011, I turned 49, I home studied meditation and universal vibrance balance to heal my spiritual needs in terms of getting more motivated and inspired in achieving my 2011 game plans which I’ve been procrastinating for so many years – my own passion in writing, advising, coaching, and inventing things.  I also heal myself by practicing meditation to release the bad energy inside of me, the past persons who lived in my suite, and I also meditated to heal my bitter past after my divorce 13 years ago.  I FEEL EXTREMELY GREAT, ENERGIZED, JOYFUL, AND THANKFUL!

FIRST, you must clear out any NEGATIVITY INSIDE YOUR BODY which is causing you all sorts of joint and body pains, headache, insomnia, anger, bad karma, bad day, or less achieve goals in one day or so.

WHETHER YOU’RE LYING DOWN, SITTING, OR MOST IMPORTANTLY SITTING IN YOUR YOGA MAT at home, play the below suggested healing/meditation music and use your hands to release all the bad feelings that you’re currently feeling, using your hands to remove all the bad energy in your body elements: boredom, worries, insecurities, fears, jealousy, unforgiving soul, sadness, mind games, revenge, hurts, ailments, mannerisms, bad habit, vices, dishonesty, lies, deceits, bad intentions, selfishness, procrastination, hurting others, vents, complaints, and criticism to others without a proof.

THEN, lift your hands to welcome  THE UNIVERSAL VIBRANCE OF POSITIVE ENERGY and allow this source energy to run into your cells, into your body elements, and into your mind. With your eyes closed, smile and concentrate of welcoming JOYS, HAPPINESS, FORGIVENESS, HUMILITY, GENEROSITY, SECURITY, WEALTH, ABUNDANCE, CAN DO IT ATTITUDE, PRODUCTIVITY LEVEL, SATISFACTION, FORGIVENESS, LOVE, CARES, UNDERSTANDING, ACCEPTANCE, TOLERANCE (not overbearing tolerance and acceptance, okay?), AGELESS ENERGY AND BEAUTY, HEALTH, AND EVEN WELCOMING YOUR IMAGINATIVE  SOULMATE THAT YOU CREATED IN YOUR MIND.

Try these REIKI video music.

Soon as you perform this many times a week, you’ll FEEL LIKE A TOTALLY RENEWED PERSON because you already cast out the spell of BAD ENERGY from your inner soul.  And any person that you’ll meet will receive your HIGHLY POSITIVE ENERGY VIBRATION!  It’ll be an instant healing, and don’t worry if you sometimes slip, as no one was born perfect.  Life is a learning curve, but at least, you’re getting into the positive and achievable direction that you are meant to do on this mother nature earth.

To make it more highly effective, light a an organic chemical-free candles, open your windows to welcome the light energy source come to your place, and with the lighted candles, go in each room to remove all the bad energy that stays there beforehand. This is the gist, RIGHT NOW is DIFFERENT FROM A SECOND AGO, AN HOUR AGO, FEW HOURS AGO, THIS MORNING, LAST NIGHT, YESTERDAY, LAST WEEK, LAST MONTH, LAST YEAR, OR FEW YEARS AGO.  Your target is to align yourself as a complete spiritual human being to get along with your own self before you try to get along with others.  HEAL YOURSELF FIRST.

THIS IS THE GREATEST GIFT I AM OFFERING TO YOU FOLKS FOR FREE as it truly feels so good inside of me of spreading the great techniques which heal my spirit.


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