High Protein Breakfast – Scrambled Eggs with Chia and Tomatoes

For women who had hysterectomy, and for men and women who are over mid-40, it is very important to keep the protein and amino acid in check to prevent wrinkles, bone depreciation, and shrinking. To obtain that in fruits and vegetables, you will need to live in your kitchen to do massive work. What if you have other things to do? What if you are so busy with other things? What if you are a soldier deployed somewhere?  Being a rock solid raw vegan or vegetarian, are so much so ideal to those who are 100% devoted in living in the kitchen; have assistant to do this kitchen homework; have personal chef or nanny; are less than 40 years old, to name a few…


Ingredients: scrambled 3 – 4 clean and certified organic eggs fresh from the farm or fresh from the counter of the wholefoods store; 1 /2 teaspoon coconut or peanut oil; 1 – 2 tablespoons of chia seeds; and 2 pieces of farm tomatoes

Heat a non-stick, metal-free pan until less than 100 degrees Farenheit. Turn the gas range kitchen knob to medium or number 4. Pour the eggs and keep on mixing it until it forms semi solid. Turn off the gas range knob. Transfer the eggs in a plate and garnish with dash of red sea salt, cayenne powder, turmeric powder, chia seeds, and tomatoes.  ENJOY!

Much luv & hugs,

Tes T. Fernando 🙂

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