A Driven Life Can Sometimes Be Fatal

It’s a very good thought, a very good move to be driven in life to attain our dreams for what we wanna be. It’s a very good action to take as we all know, procastination and fear can cause huge backlogs and more money. Delaying our priorities in life of what we wanna be cannot get us ahead while we see others move so fast. We race to get ahead of the line.

But here’s the setbacks:

In my own personal experience, working full time from Monday to Friday, then, working and preparing to publish my first book – Feisty Diva (A Guide to Beauty, Youthfulness, & Sex Appeal….), as a newbie authorpreneur, so much things to absorb, to learn, to prepare, and so much hours to spend just to get it published perfectly has created me side effects.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s all good as it has to be done, as it is already very long overdue.  I started to write this book in summer 2010 and has just finished today, November 27th, and uploaded for publishing. I want it super 100% perfect but I guess, my book formatter never care how it will look much better in the digital gadgets gigs world. I care, but not anymore – I published today rather than leaving it again for days or weeks. It has to be done.

After this very long journey of book publishing from September to November 2011, I have sacrificed a lot of my gym time, my social life, my diet (as I need to drink cups of coffee to stay up late from dusk to dawn), and now am starting to feel ridiculously abnormal. I am starting to feel some backache. First of, my chair is actually a love seat cuz my grand daughter broke my computer chair. Yeah, I have already a grand daughter at the age of 49, and she is now 4 years old. I have already a 30-year-old twin daughters, been divorced without receiving any penny 13 years ago. Being single and divorcee, I became very independently strong in all ways. Sometimes, I feel lonely of not having yet a partner in my life, but 99 per cent of it, am always joyful and giddy! Thanks to the herbs am eating and taking! NOW, AM GIVING YOU ONE OF MY BEAUTY SECRETS! 🙂

My point here is, BEING OVERLY DRIVEN, can cause of feelings of loneliness and depression. I am feeling this at the moment, it comes and go. So, I decided to drop all my work, now that my book is already out there and published tonight. No matter what, I will take it now as a past DONE PROJECT.

My big lessons:

NO MATTER WHAT – I will never break the rule of balancing my life by skipping my fitness schedules until it turned out to be a regular habit for couple of months.  I cannot blame myself because I prioritized much more my health & diet for a year and been neglecting to finish my book to get published. So, I trained my mind and spirit to get it done, no matter what. And the negative effects is isolation for 3 months, lack of sleep, malnutrition, less exercise, and then this time, it goes to my brainial system (my own scientific terminology of how my brain function) which is loneliness and depression. It’s only mild but still alarming.

This is the reason, am sharing the thoughts about a DRIVEN LIFE CAN SOMETIMES BE FATAL so that you folks wouldn’t overdo it just like what I’ve done.

There are pros and cons, lots of pros when it comes to learning massive biz stuff that I need to know, just like a full comprehensive information technology business training via online. Cons are, my emotions and cells are starting to give up.

I hope you learn from this blog so you will avoid working too many hours as a start-up self employed or as a start-up Authorpreneur or Entrepreneur.  I guess, I did this since I have no more obligations to my older twin daughters. 🙂

Leave a message for any comments below; share your experience too to the world.

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