Fruits of Labour Output

Every fruits of labour has a hardship, just like passing a camel to a needle. I’m glad that I’ve got the new work experience in this field of being a new authorpreneur! I’m so proud of myself.  My point here is, be very proud of yourself, once your achieve something, something that you can share the great news to the world, something that can make a difference to the world out of your sacrifices.  You will still smile and say, “Finally, it’s over, and my words are already out there to make a difference.” Don’t count the chickens while the eggs aren’t yet hatched, just forget about money. It will follow through.

Closing in 2011, what are your fruits of your labour output? Have you made a difference to your neighbor’s life? Have you hurt someone and apologized? Have you honestly and devotedly worked to your employer? What was it? What makes you unique, that can make a difference to the world? What makes you unique from the rest? Let’s create a new concept in 2012 that will impact the world. Let’s start to be a fun, non-harmful, non-judgemental role models as an activist in environment and an inventor of things or information that could be a great benefit to the world.

In respect of REIKI, my new gig,

oxo Tes


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