Superb Pineapple – Mint Juice!

I’ve been juicing since I was 29 years old. And thank God, this new age generation – THE JUICER WAS BORN!

Muscle ache, sored muscles, getting back to your gym routine, back ache, reversing your age, detoxing, de-stressing, or de-depression kick away, menoapausal symptoms, etc?????


1 slice ripe pineaple

2 cups mint leaves

3 spartan apples

1 thumb-size ginger

1 carrot

Wash very well, and drain the extra chlorinated water from the washing process. Pat dry with towel if you have time. Otherwise, draining the extra water is so fine too.

Juice the ingredients altogether. Drink one glass. This is very good for an early morning breakfast to activate your body cells and generate new younger cells.

When I drunk this juice this morning, I survived one Tabata bootcamp early in the morning and one kickboxing bootcamp class in the evening without feeling so sore.  I FEEL NATURALLY BEAUTIFUL AND GREAT!

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