The Power of Good Karma

As we all know, good karma is the fruits of what we do to the environment, to the people around us, right? The Golden Rule in the New Testament that all Christians including myself follow. “What goes around, comes around.” “Do unto others what you want others do unto you.”   It makes a lot of sense.

How do you start expressing yourself the moment you wake up in the morning? How do you deal with negative co-workers but won’t make them feel bad or angrier? How do you deal with your frustrations from your business and the rest of your day? How do you deal with negative partners and friends?  INFECT / INFLUENCE THEM WITH YOUR BRIGHT SHINING EYES, WITH A CUTE SMILE AND AND NOT CONFORMING WITH THEIR NEGATIVE SPEECHES BY NO COMMENT GESTURES. JUST SWEETLY SMILE.  As an Asian woman, it’s our culture not to comment if someone is negative. In general, it’s your call how you will switch that person around into a very good mood. Ask about my technique? I sweetly smile, and a no comment gao.

Alright, I too,sometimes feel depressed, negative, or stressed. But if I fail, I do fail faster, meaning, I don’t put up with my feelings of negativity by detoxifying my spirit and exercising much more like a mad woman. And am completely a new total person again!

We are the good karma to others who are feeling low by maintaining to be good role models – no judgement of what our religion is, what we exclusively eat (We won’t care if others eat rotty foods, right? We just influence them to eat right by out good physique and aura in life.), no degrees of separation.

I received my good karma today by having another high valued special friend to my circle of friends, and katching – money! 🙂


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