Virgin Soil Rocks the Non-Certified Organic Sweet Potato

NON-GMO known as producing gigantic harvest, and truly, am so allergic and careful if I see the sudden sizes of the fruits and veggies I see at Wholefoods or farmers market stores in town. I listen to my intution.

BUT HEY, HEY, HEY, my sis-in-law from the Philippines posted this one on Facebook when she harvested this gigantic sweet potato (also known as CAMOTE in the Philippines). YAP, IT WAS FRESH FROM HER VIRGIN SOIL BACKYARD!

Health Benefits of Sweet Tomato or Camote:

iron, phosphorus, magnesium, vitamin A, calcium, high in fiber, triggers sexual stamina when combined with celery (my living proof of experiment – (SEE MORE IN MY FEISTY DIVA BOOK KINDLE VERSION), 1/2 cup will give you high energy (plus soaked nuts/sprouted seeds) two hours before workout or running.

Sweet potato is highly nutritious and crazily cheap! ANOTHER BUDGET FOOD TIP.

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