Children are Angels and Heaven Sent

First, I sincerely admire and bow down my head to all parents who are patiently looking after their children, and taking the full responsibilities to act as role models.

Advantages of getting pregnant:

When a woman gets pregnant, it stops her monthly menstrual cycle. When she gives birth; she tends to have much more immunity over the following:  fibrosis, endometriosis, hysterectomy, breast lumps or cancer, and so much more.

Advantages to fathers:

He is much more mature, responsible, multi-tasker, and generous than single men. This was based from the interviews I’ve done.  Single fathers tend to be much more patient, giving, understanding, budget-conscious, and maturer than single men.  I’m not against single men, as am only talking about single parents.


It will lower your immune system due to daily stress;

Spare time is very limited, most especially to single parents;

There will be frequent arguments in the house due to stress;

And finally, they age faster than their age.


Ensure that you can have at least 2 – 3 times a week home exercise or group exercise;

Ensure that you have like-minded group to support you;

Ensure that you watch what you eat as what you eat will lead to illnesses or reversal of aging;

Ensure that you have a personal or virtual mentor to keep your sanity and for guidance.

In conclusion, children are angels and heaven set because they’re very cute, very funny, and they are actually your big pets. 🙂

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