Native Ifugao Tribes Organic Living – Palawan, Philippines

My purpose of blogging the native Ifugaos is to keep us aware about the real beauty of organic living without cars, electricity, fights, pollution, technology, and still, the people who lives there are very serene, humble, healthy, and self-sustained.

History of the native Ifugaos:

They are the first people in the Philippines, no mixed heritage by the people who either colonized the country or started business in the Philippines. They have curly hair, dark olive skin, black hair, and their height is 4  ft and below. They also have their own dialect. These natives are protected by the government in respect to their originality in the country. When they get sick, they just used wild leaves, roots, and plants to cure themselves. They are very strong by nature, tactical. They build their own right of way which should be respected by anybody by not destroying that path of way.

During my trip to the Philippines, I visited a very remote and only reachable by a four by four truck to cross the long river and different levels of the mountains.

The natives are living in a very, very natural way. Everything is fresh, from air, soil, untreated plants, animals and trees. The very small village is very peaceful and the people, (even no TV, no electricity) are very content, humble, and peaceful. They are also very respectful and kind small tribe.

As what I’ve heard, soon as the city people reached or discovered the small Ifugao tribe, the Ifugaos tend to leave their small village and move to another very remote area.

I am so fortunate to witness and experience this kind of feeling, being in a very remote area, no pollution, no vehicles, no electricity and the air smells so fresh!

Check out the below video of my trip to this remote area:

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