From 300 pounds to 150 pounds, Marcus Emmanuel Barnes

The key secret to Marcus is going on a vegan diet in 2006 at no time. In the below video, was his testimonial how he successfully lose weight from 300 pounds down to 150 pounds by switching to an ethical vegan diet. Vegan diet is not only eating greens and fruits, it is also caring about animal feelings. Farm raisers in United States as witnessed and documented on tend to abuse and disrespect farm animals by punishing them which cause so much stress and sufferings to these poor farm animals. Even the egg-laying hens are caged and cramped in one huge cage and forced to lay mass production eggs. I also mentioned this to my book Feisty Diva.

Please watch Marcus’ testimonial of how he lose his weight and how he successfully transformed as a gorgeous, intelligent, calm, composed, and successful individual.

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