Raw Coconut-Raspberries Parfait with Unpasteurized Honey Recipe

This recipe is a knock out for highly active peeps who love naturally sweetened dessert! I’d want you to enjoy the full health benefits of these high-powered super duper foods for your digestive tract, blood, brain, skin, hair, and collagen diet! And it is also an flat abs diet!

Health benefits of Coconut

Low in calories; coconut meat is a natural protein with aminos; cure for any joint and veins problems; anti-aging; has natural eletrolytes after your exercise; cure for indigestion/diarrhea/dehydration; food for any health problems; contains lauric acid equivalent to breast milk which has natural antibiotic properties; aids osteoporosis; and known as fruit of life due to its 100% health benefits for any health issue. And last, it will truly enhance your skin elasticity and skin tone!

Health benefits of raspberries, cherries, any berry family

High levels of phenolic flavonoid phytochemicals which is considered anit-oxidant, meaning, natural cure for cancer; contain natural sweetener known as Xylitol which do not contribute in producing high glycemic index in your intestines; excellent source of vitamin which scavenge free radicals; contain vitamins A and E which help prevent aging body cells; contain minerals to control heart disease and bad cholesterol levels; contain B-complex family and vitamin K  to help body in the metabolism of carbohydrates, protein and fats.


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